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Beyond Broadway - STREB

Cover Photo by Julian Andrews

In addition to providing scenery, automation, and technical supervision to many beloved Broadway shows, HUDSON also works with clients in a wide range of other industries to bring the same craftsman ship and care to their projects. Check out our recent work with STREB!


Founded in 1985, the STREB dance company is renowned for its innovative and risk-taking experimentation and exploration of movement, science, and the human body. Founder and choreographer, Elizabeth Streb has described their work "as a mixture of slam dancing, exquisite and amazing human flight and a wild action sport which captures kids, older people and the general public’s hearts and minds and bodies.”

HUDSON is proud to have contributed to many STREB projects, including these two high profile events:

STREB: Ascension - Gansevoort Plaza in New York City

STREB was invited to take part in "Whitney on Site: New Commissions Downtown," a series of installations commissioned to occupy the site of the Whitney Museum of American Art’s future building in the trendy Meatpacking District in New York City. HUDSON built the centerpiece of the performance, a 21-foot rotating ladder. See video above from The New York Times Arts Beat and read more about it at the Whitney Museum website.

STREB: One Extraordinary Day - London Olympics

STREB was commissioned by the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Mayor of London to participate in the London 2012 Olympics. HUDSON built the company's newest contraption, a 30-foot-tall mechanized wheel to help dancers prepare for the event. Go behind the scenes at the shop and the rehearsal with the photos and video below.


Inside look into STREB getting built at HUDSON in Yonkers, NY :

Photos by Lily Twining


Elizabeth Streb and her superheroes prep for the London Olympics

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