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Art in Action

Hudson Motion Control (HMC) launched over 20 years ago to respond to our clients' needs for versatile and technologically advanced kinetic systems. Today HUDSON continues to be at the forefront of the industry, leveraging the latest in automation and integration technologies. These innovations have allowed us to expand beyond entertainment and into the world of kinetic art, architecture and more. 

Built on the backbone of the flexible EtherCAT protocols, our automation engineers design everything from electro-mechanical to fluid powered systems, incorporating feedback and subsystem controls to ensure safety and accuracy on all projects. HUDSON's technology allows for seamless integrations and is scalable to any size project.



  • Theatre & Live Entertainment

  • Architectural Features

  • Kinetic Architecture

  • Theme Parks 

  • Film & Television

  • Corporate & Industrial Events

  • Cruise Ship Entertainment

  • Museums

  • Retail

  • Installation Art




  • Counter Weight Assist Winches 

  • Dead Haul Winches 

  • Deck Tracks & Wagons 

  • Turn Tables 

  • Lifts and Hatches  

  • Zero Fleet Winches 

  • Hydraulic Actuation 

  • Pneumatic Actuation 

  • Motorized Curtain Tracks 


Hudson Motion Control System

The Hudson Motion Control System (HMC) is a proprietary system that is used to power some of the most high-profile events and projects around the world. Tailored to meet each clients' needs, the system runs an almost unlimited number of axis of automation from a single control interface. Our automation technicians can also help clients integrate HMC with a wide variety of third party systems such as tying in kinetic architecture with building management systems or providing real time positional data to video systems. 


Automation Engineering

HUDSON's renowned team of engineers, programmers, and technicians have tackled some of the most complex and mission critical automation challenges in the industry. From the Times Square New Year's Eve ball drop to Broadway stages and beyond, we have done it all. Working at the nexus of safety, reliability, and innovation, the HUDSON team is always pushing what's possible, whether you have a complex, custom need or are looking to integrate automation for the first time.

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